Who are we?
WRENS logo_smallThe society is based in the village of Wrenthorpe, which is located approximately two miles from Wakefield in West Yorkshire and was formed in 1989 out of a protest group set up to combat the nuisance caused by a local animal by-products factory. Once the factory had closed down the group decided to tackle other environmental issues around the village. The society’s name was quickly abbreviated to WRENS, and a picture of the popular bird was adopted as its logo,

The aims of the Society are defined within its constitution as:
to conserve and improve the environment of Wrenthorpe
to collaborate with other bodies and organisations with similar interest,
to increase the awareness and understanding of environmental issues amongst residents.

WRENS activities have included:
tree planting in Wrenthorpe Park and Alverthorpe Meadows;
spring bulb planting around Wrenthorpe Village;
production of a map of Wrenthorpe Village;
publication of a leaflet called A Green Oasis describing Wrenthorpe Park and Alverthorpe Meadows;
setting up a litter clearance scheme sponsored by local companies;
raising funding for the Wrenthorpe Park Improvement Project;
participating in consultation for a new children’s play area;
submitting comments on local planning applications;
submitting comments on the Local Development Framework (LDF)
participating in, and organisation of local events
production of an annual newsletter called the Wrenthorpe Chimes. (One of the collective nouns for a group of wrens is a chime.

As a result of this work, WRENS has won several Council awards that are competed for by communities throughout Wakefield MDC, and was in 2004 described as a ‘beacon group’ in the field of environmental action. The society has a constitution that defines its aims and responsibilities, and has a committee that meets on a monthly basis.

WRENS works in collaboration with other village groups including the Wrenthorpe Community Association, the Wrenthorpe Gardening Club
Membership is open to all who support the aims of the society.