Wrenthorpe Park – Formal planted beds

As Wakefield Council can no longer afford to provide and maintain formal planted beds in the parks and open spaces for which it is responsible, a number of volunteer groups and societies have undertaken the task of doing so over a wide area.

WRENS have newly adopted four beds in Wrenthorpe Park adjacent to the one which was planted a few years ago with the letters WRENS in box within a planting of lavender. These are immediately outside the entrance to the bowling green.

Work started today 30 June 2016 on clearing these weedy beds with the welcome help from a team of volunteers from the Nationwide Building Society (see pictures below and click on them to expand) under the guidance of WRENS Vice-Chairman Charles (don’t call me Titchmarsh) Cantillon.

ADSC05288ADSC05286Although planting plans are not yet complete we hope that the new beds will be as follows:-

Bed 1 – To contain only English wildflowers. Although many consider such plants are not ideal for formal beds, with an untidy look, they are certainly attractive to the bees, butterflies and other insects. Although we are rather late in the season we have today planted this bed with foxgloves ( a biennial which will flower in 2017 and self seed), ragged robin and a mixture of cornflowers, poppies and daisies. A more comprehensive planting will take place in the Spring of next year.ADSC05289ADSC05290

Bed 2 – This will be planted next week with summer bedding plants including French Marigolds, Blue Lobelia, White Alyssum, Begonias, Verbena Bonariensis and Geraniums. When these have completed flowering in the Autumn then they will be removed and a planting of May flowering Tulips will be made to be replaced in June 2017 again with summer bedding plants.

Bed 3 – (Subject to cost) A Perennial bed possibly Roses inter-planted with Lilies.

Bed 4 – A bed entirely planted with herbs both popular and less well-known. It is hoped that it will be possible for the general public to pick (sparingly) from this bed and a guide to the herbs planted, together with their use, will also be on display.

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